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PCT Happy Dance

The PCT Happy Dance represents the exuberant side of thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. From the get-go, I recorded a dance every few days, featuring myself, my trail compadres, and the scenery of the trail. The purpose of the project was to find a way to share the experience, particularly the thrill of living this life immersed in nature. Immersed is not the right word; it sounds like being an engulfed object. This life is much more like being dispersed in the great wild winds of Nature.

The video consists of 66 clips, peppered along the 2,650 mile footpath, across a six month long time span. On trail, there was never any music playing while we danced. I’ll let that be our excuse for any criticisms that may have crossed your mind regarding our dancing skills! My trail name was Tiny Dancer. That was my simple identity while I made a life for myself on the trail. I hiked most of the trail alone. The second-most frequently featured star of the show is Anchor, or Matt, my partner that shared this experience with me through the High Sierras of Central California and all of Washington.

Who are the people of the woods, who appear around minute 4:32? That’s the Seattle Running Club! Then-president Greg Crowther, current President and Sunday run coordinator Win Van Pelt, and good buddy Damon helped organize a run and hike event, to meet up with us once we arrived at Snoqualmie Pass over Labor Day weekend. Many SRC members showed up to either run the Kendall Katwalk route, or hike it with Anchor and me. It was a treat, for one day of my 140 hiking days, to hike with a group of friends from home.

Many great thanks go out to the Seattle Running Club, Brooks Sports, the Washington Trails Association, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and many businesses and trail angels along the trail. These organizations, businesses, and people provide an outpouring of opportunity, and I am thankful to benefit from their generosity. Much love and thanks go to my family and friends for supporting and encouraging me not just on this hike, but continuously.

To provide an update regarding the whereabouts of Tiny Dancer, I now find myself in many roles: volunteer secretary of your Seattle Running Club, office administrator of your Washington Trails Association, and fit specialist and training coach at your local running specialty store, Fleet Feet Seattle. I’m thrilled to be serving my people and playing a part in you pursuing your adventures, your dreams, your wild winds!

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Julie Cassata is the secretary for the Seattle Running Club as well as a member of the womens XC team and an employee at Fleet Feet Seattle.

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  • Pigtails

    Amazing Julie! You are so strong! I’ve watched it twice and think I can watch it over and over again.

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