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Where are they now? Catching up with the McCoubreys

Scott and Greg at Adams Gulch
Greg Crowther (right) after a trail run with Scott McCoubrey at Adams Gulch in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Last week my son and I had the pleasure of visiting the McCoubreys — former owners of the Seattle Running Company and founders of the Seattle Running Club. They moved to Ketchum, Idaho last summer when Scott McCoubrey got a managerial position at Scott Sports. Scott is having fun directing people like Dusty Olson, best known to most as Scott Jurek’s old pacer, who is now Scott’s midwest sales rep. Meanwhile, Leslie McCoubrey has found more time to devote to her massage practice, and son Shaw, now 8, is skiing up a storm and recently completed a 4.2-mile trail race. They live in a beautiful ski lodge-like home that they rent from former Olympic skier Reggie Crist.

Having seen the McCoubreys endure some tough times in Seattle as small business owners, I was happy to find them now enjoying all that Sun Valley has to offer. And while many of us back here in Washington miss their enthusiasm for all things trail- and ultra-related, they do return annually to put on the White River 50 near Mount Rainier at the end of July. They look forward to reconnecting with some of you there.

[For a more extensive look at the McCoubreys and the history of SRC, please see the article and video I prepared for last year.]

Shaw the Slacker
Shaw demonstrating his balance on the slack line.

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I'm a research scientist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington. Before my Achilles tendon gave out, I achieved a bit of notoriety as an ultramarathoner, with my greatest success coming at the 50-mile and 100K distances. I was the president of the Seattle Running Club from 2010 to 2011.

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  • Good stuff. I look forward to 2029, when Shaw shatters the White River course record.

  • Trishalr2

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at WR as well as visiting you sometime in the next year!

  • Thanks to Scott and his family for all they have done for us as athletes, neighbors and members of the running community in Seattle. BIG THANKS!

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