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Brooks Team 2013 Update

Brooks Team 2013 Update
Each Brooks Team member has accomplished a lot this year. Some are fantastic race highlights, particularly on the trails. Beyond racing, their efforts show that they are deeply involved in the local running community, giving back in many different volunteer ways and also being wonderful ambassadors for the sport, for SRC and for Brooks. Here is what occurred for members in the second half of 2012:

Travis Boyd

Travis BoydI volunteered for the second time in 2012 at the Cougar Mountain Race Series on October 28th. I also enjoyed running with and helping the Kamiak High School Cross Country team for speed workouts during the week and watching the boys team take first place at the conference and regional meet.

I ran several cross country races this season. My first XC race of the year was at Sundodger where I ran 25:39 for 8k and got 24th. Then at the Western Washington Classic on October 6th I ran 32:19 for 10k and got 26th place. At my next race, Emerald City on October 13, I finished my highest place of the year at 5th place. On October 27th I hit the roads and raced the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon in
Everett, WA and placed 1st in a time of 1:09:09.

Marlene Farrell

Marlene Farrell Pigtails
Image:Trisha Steidl

I ran a lot of trails this summer for the joy of it and also to stay injury-free. I enjoyed a couple months of not racing until I ran the Cougar Mountain half marathon trail race and came in first with a time of 1:56:09. I also helped with timing after my race. I raced with the SRC cross country team at three races this fall, Sundodger, Emerald City and PNTFs. My highest placing was at Sundodger, where I finished 2nd in the Women’s Open race in a time of 22:02. I kept my racing fun by inserting three low-key races into my late fall. As a giant candy cane I ran and won the Leavenworth Pumpkin Run 6.5k. I also won the Turkey on the Run 12k in Wenatchee and set a new course record for the Pigtails Marathon in a time of 3:02:09. I love doing events for good causes and ones in which I see a lot of friends. Now that it’s winter, I am focused on cross country skiing, ski coaching and ski racing. Come spring I hope to run the Sunflower trail marathon and one or more Cougar Mountain races.

My main volunteer efforts this year were my springtime running club for 75 elementary kids and my assistant coaching for the high school cross country team. I hope to continue both endeavors in 2013, with the hope of sharing my love of running, providing kids with a healthy after-school activity, and helping kids of all ages work toward running and fitness goals. I also write a blog for (and occasionally for SRC) to share stories and inspiration about running. I was only able to volunteer at one SRC race, but I am taking over the coordination of the Brooks team, in terms of updates, apparel needs and hopefully organizing for Brooks team members to make a strong showing at certain events in 2013.

Max Ferguson

Max Ferguson Box CanyonMy summer started out phenomenally, following another disappointing Vancouver Marathon (3rd time, still haven’t gotten it nailed!). I chronicled the early portion of the summer in a blog post for the SRC. After a week long break following my victory at the Cougar Mountain 13 miler I began my build up for my upcoming assault on the Cle Elum 25k CR. I held a steady diet of long runs along the Wonderland Trail encircling Mt. Rainier. After months of phenomenal training and preparation, Cle Elum was cancelled at the last minute due to smoke. Using my fitness, I traveled to Mt. St. Helens and, despite a very scary dehydration situation, managed to squeak under six hours for the Loowit Trail. This sets an official FKT, and beats the winning time run a week prior at the Mt. St. Helens 50k. I will return next summer, and, with better knowledge of the course, hope to bring that record under five hours.

My fitness was at an all time high leading into XC season. However, my quickness seemed to have faded a bit over the summer. XC season flew by in a lactic haze, the only lasting memory being a slightly disappointing 35:53 at PNTFs, and a more uplifting 5th place at the NW regional XC meet.

This left me with one last race for the year before I was able to curl up in the fetal position and endure some much deserved R&R, Amica Seattle Half Marathon. Placing 3rd last year, I had high hopes for finishing top 5 regardless of who was there. The race went out brutally hard, and I was relegated to ‘hanging on’ for 10 miles until I FINALLY began to feel a smidgen of competitive juices. Rallying, I managed to hold off several other runners, and gain on the rest of the field. I finished 9th in 1:13:59. Not quite the time I wanted, or the place, but, given how poorly I felt before and during the race, I feel it is a testament to a base of fitness I had hidden away for months on end. The culmination of this year is a very real new year’s resolution to not train for road marathons for a full two years, and focus on the trails. My success there is hard to ignore, and I hope to add to the ever growing list of top finishes and course records I have been amassing off the roads.

Destry Johnson

Sunday morning I thought I’d go for a run. I mean, I had planned on it anyway! When I got to the lobby of the hotel Sunday morning I was greeted by droves of runners. Some wearing their number, some wearing their number upside down. Apparently all the runners in attendance for the NY marathon were going on a Sunday run too. The experience was quite surreal, as ran around the island I would see two runners here, fifty there, a few thousand running here and there in Central Park. Even down in Battery Park there were hundreds of runners. Nearly everywhere I turned I saw runners. It was awesome – every day should be like that America! Interestingly enough, one of the runners out and about in Central Park was Edgar Martinez’s wife Holly, who had organized an impromptu marathon around the park. I had the opportunity to meander over and chat with Edgar for a few minutes after the crowds died down. He not only is one of my favorite baseball players of all time, but one heck of a nice guy!

In all, I’m not sorry my wife and I took the trek out to New York for the non-marathon. I feel as though I supported various businesses, both large and small, including Rupert’s Deli, in the process. My heart goes out to those victims of the storm and I hope my donations go to good use as they rebuild and get back on their feet. And like Arnold Schwarzenegger always says, “I’ll be back.”

Read more about Destry’s 2012 racing season…

Trisha Steidl

In August I raced the Cougar Mountain Half. Unfortunately somewhere on/near DeLeo Wall I smashed my right heel down on a rock and bruised it severely. Two minutes later I did the same thing in the same place, causing an immense amount of pain, leaving me unable to run normally. I ran as best as I could for the remainder of the race, which got me a 2nd place finish. After the race I wasn’t able to stand on my right foot. Long story short, I fractured my heel and, not too surprisingly, wasn’t able to run much. It’s been almost five months since then and the past three weeks finally put me back closer to my normal mileage and training. I’m still not 100% as my body adjusts to a new way of running and getting stronger, but there has been a lot of positive movement over the past couple of weeks and I look forward to getting back in shape and doing some racing again.

The lack of my own running allowed me to focus more energy on my team. The men finished 3rd and the women 6th in their first WAC XC Championship. My top guy, Erik Barkhaus, also won the conference meet and, thus, earned the Athlete of the Year award! The teams went on to finish 16th and 23rd respectively at the toughest regional championships in the nation, which was held on the same course as the 2011 Club Nationals race. Again, Barkhaus ran very well, finishing 15th in the Region. This earned him all-region honors. The team did our annual volunteering at Cougar Mountain, which gave SRC 60+ hours of work time to go towards our requirements to be able to host the Cougar Series. We have some pictures posted on our SU XC/T&F Facebook site.

Lance Thompson

Lance ThompsonI had a spring full of strong 5km races and 2nd place at the Cougar Mountain 5 Mile Race. I placed 3rd in the Cougar Mountain 8 miler. In the early summer, I had the first of a few injuries that kept me from racing the second half of the year. I then ran as a volunteer pacer helping those who wanted to break 3 hours through the first half of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Seattle. I volunteered for a work party at Cougar Mountain, and also volunteered during the Cougar Mountain 50K as an aid station worker.

Wendy Wheeler Jacobs

After completing my racing season with a 100 mile endurance run in July, I focused on volunteering. In July I worked the first and last aid stations at White River 50 Miler.

In August I managed the marking for the Cascade Crest 100 Mile. I also participated in the WTA hike-a-thon, covering 250+ trail miles in the month to raise money for this cause. I swept the course for one of the Cougar Mountain races.

In September to October I volunteered my time on the “Tribute to the Trails” 2013 calendar, a fundraiser for the WTA. I was elected president of the board for the WTA and now lead the strategic planning effort for that organization. I will be working registration at Bridle Trails. I put in a lot of back-country mountain miles in the fall, mostly in the Goat Rocks Wilderness region, exploring trails there in between forest fires.

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Marlene is a constant fixture of the Seattle Running Club Cross Country team. Based in Leavenworth, WA, you can read more of her writing at Run Wenatchee.

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