Summer is here so get out for a run with fellow SRC members ( you don’t have to be a member but we encourage it cause we’re such a fun group) at Hamlin Park! Although we’ll be running in Hamlin Park, we’ll meet outside of Ridgecrest Public House on the corner of 5th Ave NE and NE 165th Street in Shoreline. We’ll run down then up a short distance on 165th that’ll take us right into the western side of Hamlin Park off of 15th Ave. We’ll explore the massive network of little hilly trails in Hamlin (and maybe even go over to the secret hidden South Woods) for about 35 or so minutes then huff it back up to Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest has a variety of adult and non-adult beverages with a food truck always parked out til at least 8pm. You can also bring food in from the outside if you like. It’s sure to be a chilled out run on some hidden treasure trails and well worth the trip up to southern Shoreline! All levels welcome!