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2016 Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series

Registration is open for the summer long, the short series, or any of the many individual races this summer on Cougar Mountain, ranging from the 5k distance all the way up to 26.2 miles. Once again we’re happy to state that $15 of every registration fee will go directly to King County Parks, so get the calendar out and pick some dates that aren’t interfering with weddings!
2016 race dates & distances
May 14: 5.1 mile and 10.8 mile >> FULL RESULTS | Age Group Results | Takao Suzuki Photos
June 11: 5k, 8.2 mile, and 14.5 mile >> REGISTER
July 9: 5k, 10.8 mile, and 19.5 mile >> REGISTER
August 13: 5k, 14.5 mile, and 26.2 mile >> REGISTER
October 30: 7.6 mile, 19.5 mile, and 50k >> REGISTER
Special discount code for 20% off races (Code: SRC20) available to current SRC members!

Meet the 2016 #SRCBrooks Team!

New (and past) Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival Images

Takao Suzuki is making a habit of taking great race photos at our annual Bridle Trails races, and 2016 was no exception. Don’t miss this year’s photos and while you’re here, take a trip in the time machine to recent years as well! Thank you Takao!

2015 Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series

Race dates and results:
May 9 – Ross Comer Pics – Results: 5.1mi; 10.8mi
June 13: 5k; 8.2mi; 14.5mi
July 11: Ross Comer Pics – Results: 5k; 10.8mi; 19.5mi
August 8: 5k; 14.5mi (short series); 26.2mi (long series)
October 25: Ross Comer Pics – Results: 8.2mi; 19.5mi; 50k


**2016 UPDATE**
XC season is over, and we’ll be meeting at the Garfield High School track (still at 6:30pm) from now until the next XC season begins in September. Some workouts will be on the track, some workouts we’ll jog to from the track, but find us at Garfield and let’s get in shape!

Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter for any changes in the schedule. Workouts are free and open to standing club members. Non members are welcome to come give the workouts a trial run.


Sherrard Ewing is leading our revamped Sunday group runs! Rather than running at Cougar Mtn every Sunday morning, we’ll be moving around the city to various locales (though yes, Cougar Mtn will be a regular stop–note, when at Cougar Mtn now, we will be meeting at Sky Country Trailhead instead of Redtown Trailhead). Keep an eye on our Meetup page for each weekend’s location, and we hope to see you soon!


FLB 5 Route“Running and brewing complement each other in a beautifully circular fashion. One provides a cause for celebration and need for sustenance. The other provides the sustenance, means of celebration, and need to run.” -Evan Williams

Meet at Flying Lion Brewing in Columbia City every Friday for 5 miles (there is also a 5K option) at whatever pace you fancy. SRC member Evan Williams designed the route to resemble the profile of FLB’s logo. Enjoy the lion’s nose/mane through area parks and climb “The Wing” back to the neighborhood streets.Pints after are optional, of course. The brewery will also provide water and the next door neighbors are Full Tilt Ice Cream! Kids and dogs both allowed in the brewery, but no beer for the kids.
See the Meetup Page for more details.

Member Discounts

Are you a Seattle Running Club member? If so, you get great deals at our partner stores: The Balanced Athlete (The Landing, 800 N 10th Place, Renton) and Fleet Feet Sports Seattle (911 E Pine St, Seattle), and Flying Lion Brewing in Columbia City.

SRC members also get discounts on club-organized events and races such as the Cougar Mountain Trail Series and White River 50 Mile Endurance Run. And of course the annual Fat Glass 50k is FREE for members!
If you are interested in racing Cross Country in the fall, SRC members race for FREE at most of the season’s races, and a select few can earn free plane tickets to the season-end National Championship races!

If you’re not a member, go to the membership page to either become one or renew your membership. Get the great deals other members enjoy, and become a part of our great running community!

Membership Cards

Lost your cool new professional card? Current and recently expired members can easily download and print cards from this very site by clicking the number next to their name on our Club Roster page.

If you are a not-so-recently expired member, please email and we’ll send you your number so you can renew! Pre-printed card-stock membership cards are on order and will be available in both partner stores soon. You can switch out your paper copies if you prefer that type of card.

Club Roster Page

If you have a great personal running-related website, blog, or even Facebook Page, we’d love to promote it on our Club Roster page. Links are slowly trickling in but we’d love to see more! If you have a link that you’d like listed with your name on our roster page, send it to

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