Club Events

The start at the 2012 Bridle Trails Winter Trail Running Festival

SRC member Uli Steidl winning the 2011 White River 50 Mile

The Seattle Running Club helps put on the events listed below (follow links for more details).

Bridle Trails Winter Trail Running Festival
Date: Jan 11th, 2020
Location: Bridle Trails State Park, Kirkland WA
Race Distances: 5mi, 10mi, 50k, and 50k pairs + teams (up to six per team)
Terrain: Relatively flat and well-groomed trails. *Can* get muddy!
Registration: Coming soon!

Cougar Mountain Trail Series
Dates: 2nd Saturdays of May – August; last Sunday of October
Location: Cougar Mountain State Park, Newcastle WA
Race Distances: Many! You can sign up for individual races or the entire long or short distance “summer series” (the four respective “long” or “short” race distances on each May through August date).

  • 5.1mi and 10.8mi in May
  • 5k, 8.2mi, and 14.5mi in June
  • 5k, 10.8mi, and 19.5mi in July
  • 5k, 14.5mi, and 26.2mi in August
  • 7.6mi, 19.5mi, and 50k in October

Race Terrain: Moderately challenging but well-groomed trails. The 5k >> 8.2mi courses feature the least amount of punishing up/downhill and are great for beginners.
Registration: OPEN!

White River 50 Mile
Date: July 26th, 2020
Location: Crystal Mountain, WA
Race Distance: 50 miles
Race Terrain: Challenging but mostly runnable trails. Nearly 10,000′ of climbing in total.
Registration: Coming Soon *Club members receive a $20 discount on the race fee!*

Fat Glass 50K
Date: 9/21/2019
Location: Bridle Trails State Park (start is at a nearby private residence, *not the same start as Bridle Trails’ January race*.
Race Distance: As many ~5ish mile loops as you would like to run, up to (roughly) 50k!
Race Terrain: Same as Bridle Trails in January, but much less chance of mud.
Registration: Ultrasignup | Potluck Signup
Misc: This event is our annual “Thank You” to our members and resembles more a potluck/party than a race in many aspects. This event is FREE for standing club members, and only a nominal charge ($20 in the past) for non-members (so why not just become a member?!) Bringing food/drink/snacks to share is appreciated.
For those who wish to imbibe, beer is provided (thank you Flying Lion!) and the “rules” dictate you must consume a solo party cup of beer before each 5ish mile loop of Bridle Trails State Park. Non-drinkers can also participate, using whichever drink they’d like (fizzy would be preferred, in keeping with the spirit of the event).
Other Recommended Events
We recognize that there are many cool running events out there besides the ones we ourselves put on, and we are happy to recommend them here provided that they don’t conflict with SRC events and meet at least some of the following criteria:

  • Well-liked by SRC members
  • Sponsor an SRC event or donate some event proceeds to SRC
  • Provide a link to on your event’s website (a short-lived Facebook, Twitter, or blog post isn’t sufficient!)
  • Distribute SRC membership/event flyers
  • Provide volunteers for SRC events or trail work parties.

To discuss possible partnerships between your event and the SRC, please contact the club Secretary.