(Presented by Shoeless Joe)

Seattle Running Club members (fist bump) — have you ever wanted to have your race endeavors promoted on our site and *not* have it be sponsored by Run Gum? So do we! We’ve heard your requests loud & clear and we happily present to you the first-ever Member Race Report Submission form!

We Are Not Sponsored by Run Gum

The way it works is simple:

  • Be a member of our club!
  • Spend a few minutes filling out this form, telling us as much or as little as you’d like about a race you ran this month*.
  • Wait til the end of the month/early the next month and our own Shoeless Joe will have collated all submisions into a post promoting all of you. If we’re lucky enough, he’ll leave it at that, but he may also find the motivation now & then to comment on your submission (apologies ahead of time)
  • Race *every* weekend? Fill out another one!
  • Notice that this form is *not* sponsored by Run Gum
  • Repeat each month!
  • Tell your friends!

Submit Your Race Report

*The Fine Print: Shoeless Joe is quite lazy so if anything you submit is broken, we can’t guarantee it will be either fixed or even posted at all.